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Hi Cyndi .... This email is very overdue. The beautiful puppy that we have and purchased in December, is nothing short of the most incredible dog I have ever seen. Everyone knows Bear and all who meets Bear wants to keep her. Her name was Ellie when she was with you, and we named her Bear because we kept saying she looks like a little bear. My grandson Tommy and Bear wrestle and love one another. I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to have this incredible dog. She is only looked after by family and she is intelligent, polite, kind, and so sweet. You told us she was sweet and you were so right. 
We have a number of friends who would love to have a poodle by the same mother and father. Is that possible? If so, we have a line up for puppies. Please let me know. Alyson, Tommy, my husband Doug, my other daughter Meredith and her husband Ben, and I.... all thank you for Bear. An incredible gift to our lives. Thank you. Sincerely, Cathy MacLatchy... Alyson's mom. xo

July 30, 2014

This is Lacee! She will be a year old tomorrow. She is from Willow and Mators litter.

We can’t begin to thank you enough for such an amazing pup! Her disposition and personality is amazing - exactly as you described it would be when we first spoke. The love that you have for your fur babies is incredible!

Lacee has brought so much joy to our family! With both our daughters off at school our empty nest is full again!

There is rarely a time when we go for a walk that someone doesn’t ask me where we got her. I am quick to give your name!

Again - thank you!
Laurie Phillips
Chesapeake, VA.



8 weeks old

Ginger has only been with us for a few days but what a joy she is already! She has the most laid back personality but is all puppy too. Syndi has done a terrific job of socializing her and we couldn’t be more pleased. She is a very happy little gal and so are we!

My husband and I were pleased with our experience. Neither of us had gotten a puppy before so the things you gave us with the puppy starter kit was really nice and helpful. The only thing was the puppies were advertised as 25-35lbs, but I believe his parents were a standard poodle and a miniature golden, so he ended up being 49lbs. Definitely larger than we were expecting, but Max is the sweetest boy, so happy to see you, and happy to please you. Easy to train. VERY VERY energetic (and spoiled).

:) Renee


Syndi, Hope you are doing well. I noticed on your facebook page you were looking for some pictures of your dogs.... attached some of Chewy (Chewbecca) over the last 16 months. He was one of Onyx's boys from Sept 2/16 litter. You are more that welcome to use any of these pictures, I included puppy pictures and current pictures. He is a great dog, patient with my 3 kids and gets compliments on his coloring and non shedding coats wherever he goes. He has turned out to be the exact size we were looking for (he is 25lbs) and the pretty much the same statue as his cockapoo fur brother. If my wife would let me get a 3rd dog, I would certainly look at purchasing again from you.

Have a great day.



Hello Syndi,
We are overdue giving you an update on Henry. We've had him for a little over a year now and he has been the absolute best dog for our family. He is sweet and easy going, just like you predicted. But he still loves to play. He's that perfect cock-a-poo, who plays hard when we can play and naps or chills when we need to chill. He absolutely loves other dogs and people. His best friend, a shorkie, lives next door and he gets to visit her backyard almost every day. He knows many commands, including sit, stay, wait, roll over, shake, jump, over and under, bring it and leave it. He will also play hide-and-seek-the-toy games and will play a game similar to the shell game where we hide a treat in one hand or the other and he taps the correct hand for the treat. He loves to go for walks and rides in the car. He is sweet with our kids and doesn't attempt to dominate them at all. I've attached some photos for your enjoyment. Thank you again for matching us up with Henry. It meant a great deal to us that you listened to our family's unique needs and prayerfully selected such a sweet pup for us.
Blessings, Amy (for the entire Smith family)

Date of Posting: 24 November 2012 Posted By: Smith Family

Hi Syndi,
I wanted to send you some photo's of our sweet Malley. She is the sweetest dog that we have ever had. Malley was born 3/26/2010 and she is one of Sarge and Mia's pups. She started coming in to her "ghosting" at about 7 months and she has some sweet little golden red hairs around her snout - a gift from her momma. We love her. Also, she is smart as a whip!!
Sylvia Gladd

Date of Posting: 24 November 2012 Posted By: Sylvia Gladd

Hi Syndi,
As you know our black male standard poodle just turned 1 this week. He is thriving, and weighed 57 lbs at his last vet appointment. We could not be more delighted with him and would very much like to know if you are ever planning to have another litter. 
Per our agreement, he has been "fixed," and this was done by his regular vet, Dr Feitz, at Georgetown vet in Charlottesville last month.
I'll send a couple photos of him in a separate email.He truly is a happy, and yes, spoiled rotten dog. Oh, if you go to YouTube and search "Enzo Puppy" by mmildonian, there's a cute one of him at about 9 weeks, doing battle with an ice cube. Very funny.
Hope you are doing well. Please give Mia and Rocco a scratch behind the ears for us. 

Date of Posting: 24 November 2012 Posted By: Matthew & Jennifer Mildonian

I have a sweet, intelligent, loving goldendoodle that I named Forest as a namesake to Forest Crek Kennels. He was well taken care of by Syndi and her family before I brought him home as a puppy this past spring. It is obvious that this is a breeder that loves and respects these four legged friends and I have and will continue to sing their praises!! Thank you Forest Creek Kennels for the blessing you have bestowed on our family with Forest.

Date of Posting: 08 October 2012 Posted By: Lisa

My sister and I are from northern NJ and made the 7 hour drive to get Beamer, our petit goldendoodle this past August. What we loved the most was Syndi's love for her animals, and how easy she made the process of getting our first puppy! She informed us right away after Beamer's first puppy visit of a mild, loose patella. That didn't deter us from driving down! On his second visit, our vet said it was both knees, and as heartbreaking as it was, Syndi was so accommodating and offered to input the amount we paid for Beamer to his surgery if he ever needed it. Fortunately, Beamer's second vet visit confirmed both knees to be stronger, so it was only a growth spurt which we are very thankful for! Beamer is 100% healthy nonetheless, and such a fast learner! He greets us everytime we walk through the door, knows his basic commands at a young age, and people ALWAYS stop to say how adorable he is everytime we walk him. If you're considering a puppy, first of all a goldendoodle is the perfect breed for a family, and traveling to Syndi is worth your money! You get to meet your puppy's parents, as well as see the environment of their upbringing that they are so loved! Thank you Syndi! Beamer is very healthy and happy =)

Date of Posting: 03 October 2012 Posted By: Rothie Banzuelo

Hi there! I bought a male cockapoo from you in the summer of 2008 that we named Gryffindor. When I got Gryff as a puppy, I was single and living alone in a small apartment in DC. Since then, I've moved cross-country and I'm now in a house in the country with a husband and new baby. Gryff has been my loyal and dependable best friend through all those transitions, always adapting to our new circumstances very well. And our family wouldn't be complete without him!
I couldn't have hoped for a better dog than the one I got from you. Gryff is just the sweetest guy - very smart and he loves to play. He's also the best cuddler there is! He is very gentle with our baby and likes to just lay by her side. 
He has such a personality and he constantly makes us laugh. Even people who don't like dogs have been charmed by him and enjoy being around him.
I just wanted to send you a note of thanks because I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Date of Posting: 01 October 2012 Posted By: Jessica Kean

My husband and I purchased our mini goldendoodle, Piper, from FKC in December 2011. We could not be happier with Piper’s temperament! She is the sweetest, most loving dog and gets along with all people and other dogs. She is also incredibly smart- so smart that we were able to bell-train her to use the bathroom outside within days. Everyone that meets Piper is amazed with what a wonderful temperament she has. We are so thankful that we found FKC as we absolutely adore our new addition to the family!

-Karly Drennan

Date of Posting: 24 November 2012 Posted By: Karly Drennan

July 19, 2008

RE:  Letter of Recommendation for Forest Creek Kennel

We first leaned about Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel with our search on the Internet.

We then learned that our son’s vice principal had purchased a dog from Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel 1-year ago.  Samuel’s Vice Principal shared with us how much fun their visits to Forest Creek Kennel were.  He appreciated Syndi’s willingness to allow he and his children to visit with her dogs.  After hearing more about their visit, initial experience with bringing their puppy home, Syndi’s support during the first couple months, and how happy they are with their golden doodle pup 1 year out, we went for a visit.

On our first visit we were impressed with the temperament of her parent dogs as well as the healthy appearance of the dogs.  On our second visit we quickly realized that the temperament of all the puppies in the litter we selected were similar.  Their temperaments were much like the dog books recommended for a first time puppy owner.

Syndi was patient with us, understanding that it was going to take us more than one trip to select the right puppy.  We appreciated that she realized what a significant decision this was for us.  2 visits later we brought Buddy home.

Syndi listened to what we were looking for in a puppy dog and helped direct us to a good match.  It just so happened that in the end we selected the pup she quietly thought was the best fit for our family.  Buddy is a playful pup, with a sweet and cuddly temperament.

Buddy has been to the vet for an initial visit and follow up visit for vaccinations and his health is good.  Buddy sleeps in his crate at night and when we leave the house for an hour or 2.  Potty training is going well.  At 11 weeks old Buddy has learned some simple commands like: sit, lay-down and go to sleep.  He’s comfortable wearing a harness and being on a leash. We took him to his first puppy class this Saturday and we were pleased with Buddy’s performance.  Buddy loves to interact with other dogs and so far appears to have only appropriate fears.

If you are searching for a new family companion we would recommend you consider a pup from Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel.


Ted and Laura

From:  The Bednareks

Date: 8/19/2008 7:32:19 AM
To:  Syndi
Subject: Re: hello

Hi Syndi.  They are doing great!  Cody has turned out to be the dominant dog, though, so I kind of feel badly for Biscuit.  He just doesn't stand up for himself at all.  They are both wonderful dogs!  Cody is so smart and he looks like he's always smiling.  He is a real sweetie.  Biscuit is very gentle and laid back, but still very playful.  We just love these dogs!  Below is a short letter to let you know how happy we are that we adopted Biscuit and Cody from you.  I hope it is what you wanted. Thank you so much and God Bless you! Allison Dear Syndi,  I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Goldendoodles we received from Forest Creek Kennels.  When we got Biscuit a year and a half ago, we couldn't believe what a wonderful dog he was.  He was easy to train, very loving with my kids (ages 5 to 19), and just a great dog.  He is also very clean and doesn't shed at all.  After having Biscuit in our family, we decided to adopt another Goldendoodle so that Biscuit would have a playmate and we would have another wonderful dog.   Of course we came back to you.  We were so thankful that you allowed the new puppy to stay with you for a few extra weeks since we couldn't pick him up right away.  We also were very happy that you let us (and Biscuit) play with the puppies to figure out who would be the best fit for our family.  After we chose Cody, we realized that we had another wonderful dog.  Cody is a sweet little puppy who just loves to play and have his tummy rubbed.  He is always smiling!  He and Biscuit play together all the time.  Cody has also been easy to train and doesn't shed at all.   We are very happy with both dogs and really appreciate the hard work that you do!   These dogs are a wonderful addition to our family and we can't imagine life without them. Thank you very much for Biscuit and Cody! Sincerely, Allison Bednarek  

From:  Aitcheson, Leslie E CTR MDA/DV
Date: 2/13/2007 9:22:20 AM 
To:  Syndi 
Subject: FW: Trevor
Hi Syndi: You asked for pictures of Trevor, so here they are!  He is doing great!  What a smart puppy.  He heels nicely on a leash, retrieves (and will drop his ball or toy at your feet sometimes when you ask him to) he has learned not to chew my arm, how to be quiet when I say quiet, has learned not to jump on us, and is doing well with housebreaking.  I am using lessons from the Dog Whisperer as my guide--exercise, discipline, then affection.  That sssst, sound Caerser makes really works!  For the chewing problem, I blow on him.  It works great.  He stops immediately.  Is that OK?  I think I am becoming a pack leader!  As a result, everyone is happy and well balanced.  As a bonus, my daughter has finally learned to pick up all of her stuff off the floor!  ~:) We are keeping Trevor confined to the kitchen until he gets out of his puppy stage except when we can give him our complete undivided attention (he likes to sleep on the leather sofa, which is fine, that's what dogs are supposed to do, despite my father's counter argument)  At night, we keep Trevor in the crate.  He likes his crate and sleeps there during the day too with the door opened.  He is a really "easy" puppy.  I was very surprised at how easy he was. My allergies are pretty good (I have asthma and am allergic to dogs).  If I spend all day with him, carrying him around, brushing him, etc, I get a little wheezy and my eyes itch.  But if Trevor had been a purebred Golden Retriever, doing that would have put me in the hospital.  I'm getting better immune system is building Trevor immunities. So I was really pleasantly surprised. He is getting along fine with Larry our 18-year-old Parrot.  He so far has really not shown much interest in Larry and they both join us for dinner (but no table food!), which I know is bad manners, but that's our family.  Larry didn't get overly emotional about Trevor either and enjoys immitating all of the different noises he makes.  They both love to listen to the dishwasher together. Because he is doing well with housebreaking, Steve, Sarah, and I are up about twice a night (midnight and 2:30 a.m.)  I get up at 5 and take him for a walk.  He was itching a lot and we gave him a flea bath made specifically for puppies and washed all of his bedding.  He stopped itching.  The flea dip doesn't prevent fleas, just gets rid of the existing ones.  Pet Smart said we should wait before using something preventative. Trevor's dog walker, Keith, is like heaven on earth.  He doesn't have much and can't cook so I make him lunch everyday.  So Keith spends a couple of hours with Trevor everyday while Sarah is at school. That's the life of Trevor.  So far, he seems like a well balanced happy puppy. Thanks for everything.  When Trevor gets a little bigger, we'll send more pictures, which you are welcomed to use on your website, so people can see what your goldendoodles look like when they get big. I hope you and your family are healthy and happy. Blessings, L.

Leslie Aitcheson

Date: 8/15/2006 10:33:26 AM 
Subject: Re: Reference letter
Dear Syndi

I'm happy to report that Izzy is doing beautifully. She is the most loving, sweetest-natured dog that I ever had or saw. She is so laid back, yet spunky and feisty when she needs to be. I just love her and am so grateful to you for breeding and raising such lovely dogs.  I can’t imagine my life before arrived.

Last week she visited the vet and had everyone in palm of her paw- that's how sweet and cute she is. She didn't even blink or yelp when she got her shot. Everyone there was very impressed with her!  The vet weighed her and at five months old she is 30 lbs, I can’t believe she was only 3lbs lbs when I got her.

Izzy passed puppy obedience school with flying colors.  She was well liked by her classmates and a huge hit with the children.  Izzy loves playing with children my nieces and nephew are some of her favorite playmates.

Izzy had her 2nd play-date with Buddy, my nephew’s Labrador Retriever, who is two months olds they played for at least two hours.  Izzy was careful with the younger puppy. They're going to be great friends.  My nephew thinks its great that his puppy and Izzy our cousins.

Just wanted to let you know how well things are working out and thank you again for such a wonderful loving dog.


Hanover Green Veterinary Clinic
7273 Hanover Green Dr.
Mechanicsville, Va. 23111
(804) 730-2565

I am pleased to offer my recommendation of Syndi Johnson, Forest Creek Kennels. I am about to purchase my third puppy from Syndi and have been very pleased with their health and temperaments. The two puppies that I have purchased are ages one year and six months of age. They are a pleasure to me on daily basis. Not only have I enjoyed these dogs, I have also referred close family friends to Forrest Creek and they have thoroughly enjoyed their pets as well. I very highly recommend Forest Creek Kennels.

Dr. Larry R. Winters, D.V.M.

From: Date: 12/01/05 11:15:48 
Subject: Re: Reference letter

Hi Syndi!  Sammy's doing great.  We continue to take her everywhere with us. We had her fixed the other day and the surgery went well.  She's not one to sit quietly - she loves to play with her friends and go on long walks. She's going to have to wait a week before becoming active again. I'd love to write a ref. letter for you - hope you like what I say.  If you want me to make any changes in the letter, let me know.  Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.  Diane      We live in Richmond, Virginia where several families have adopted cockapoo's from Syndi.  I can honestly tell you that each one of these dogs are beautiful, loving, and full of life.  That's what initially convinced us to contact Syndi to adopt a dog.  When I contacted Syndi,I told her that I wanted a dog that did not shed, was light in coloring, was good with kids, and would be able to go on long walks with our family. Well, we got all of the above plus more. Syndi did an excellent job matching our needs with our dog.  We love "Sammy" and we couldn't imagine life without her. I would highly recommend adopting any dog that came from Syndi's dog's litters.  I hope that you will enjoy your new dog! Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.  Syndi will be able to give you my contact information upon request.  Diane

February 7, 2007

I would advise anyone who is looking for a Goldendoodle to get one from Syndi Johnson.  I could not be happier with my puppy, and my experience with Syndi has been wonderful.  I first heard about Syndi last spring when I was visiting a friend in Charlottesville and we took her pug to the local dog park.  While there we saw the most beautiful and well-trained Goldendoodle that I had ever seen.  I began chatting with the owner and she told me that her doodle came from Syndi and spoke very highly of her as a breeder.  I got in touch with Syndi the next day and it wasn’t long before I became the proud owner of one of her doodles myself!

Syndi is not only kind but she is very accommodating.  She even invited me to her home so I could meet my puppy newly born puppy the day after Christmas because that was the only day I could come.  Once I met her in person and all of her dogs I knew I had made a good decision when I selected her as my breeder.  She took me out to meet the parents of my puppy and I was able to see how loving she was with all of the dogs and how they responded to her.  It was nice to not have to worry about the type of environment my puppy could have been subjected to in those first 7 weeks before I had him. I can rest assured that he was in good hands with Syndi.

I would be happy to speak with anyone that is thinking about getting a dog from Syndi if they have questions.  My contact information is listed below.

Whitney Watson
Richmond, VA.
(804) 501-6307 

From:  Pia Adler Date: 3/23/2006 7:52:11 AM 
To:  Cynthia Johnson 
Subject: 5 great iPhotos
Hi Cynthia, FINALLY, I've compiled some photos for you. Most of these were taken in Koa's first week with us (age 8-9 weeks old).  Soon I'll download some of the more recent shots and send them on to you. Hope you're well. We are doing great with Koa. He is a darling 19 week old pup; VERY affectionate, fabulous with all children, very people oriented. Nothing seems to bother him: loud noises, strange appliances, vehicles, etc.  He is more mellow than I might expect for a puppy, but he has plenty of energy when he gets going. He loves to retrieve and is so smart. I feel like he has already quite a wide vocabulary; he is quite good at understanding what we want.  The housebreaking took awhile, but I think he finally has gotten it. We still haven't gotten him to stay alone, though I think he will soon. He seems to want to be with us as much as possible though he is NOT clingy or a nudge. He very rarely barks. He loves to chew on sticks, and bones, but has not been destructive in the house. We had a few problems in the beginning with him eating poop, some kind of bacterial infection, and tapeworms.  All of this has faded from the picture, and we have a little guy that we are in love with. He is now sleeping through the night, and if he awakens we tell him to "sleep until the morning" and he does!! I heartily recommend these pups for anyone with a family, or for an elderly person. I also think Koa might make a good "service" dog, because he is so trainable, and intelligent, and CALM.  I credit you, Cynthia, for raising such a relaxed dog who is so good with kids.  I think Koa got used to family life, loud noises, interacting with your toddler,etc. at such a young age, that he is now very well adjusted. Everywhere we go people love him and tell us how handsome he is.  Koa also loves other dogs!! So that's the update. I hope you can use this as a testimonial. Sorry for taking so long, and THANKS again, Pia Adler

From:  Fyock, Jack Date: 6/9/2009 11:23:28 AM 
To: Cc:  Beth Fyock
Subject: Reference


We want you to know that we could not be happier with our new puppy.  From the first time we contacted you to now, nothing could have proceeded any better.

Your willingness to answer all our questions and hospitality on our post-delivery visit made buying a puppy an easy process.  Meeting “mom and dad” and witnessing the warm and caring touch you give to all your dogs made us confident that we selected a great and knowledgeable breeder.

All our friends and neighbors frequently comment on what a cute and well-behaved puppy we have.  House training has been a breeze (so far) and Cooper is great with our kids as well as all the neighborhood kids and dogs.  Thanks to you, we have been blessed with a amazing new family member.

If you would like us to be a reference to others thinking about a new puppy, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Jack Fyock 

From:  Terry Herrmann Date: 3/24/2007 7:57:30 AM 
To:  Syndi 
Subject: Teddy 
Good morning, Syndi, We wanted to write and let you know how much pleasure and joy our Teddy brings us.  As you know, neither of us ever owned a dog before, so his very growth is amazing to us.  Most importantly, is his innate disposition, which I attribute to your choice of parents and his first 8 weeks.  He is the perfect dog for us, friendly, smart, and eager to please.  He loves people and other dogs, which makes him a favorite among our friends, of course :)  Crate training was a no-brainer for us and for him, because of your early introduction to it, and he learns commands so easily. (sit, stay, down, come, drop it, leave it---he's harvard bound!!!)  So we thank you and greatly appreciate your early efforts. Here are some pictures of this cutey.  We are really smitten :)  [He is just shy of 4 months old] Thanks again, Terry & Tom Herrmann

Recommendation Letter for Syndi Johnson

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Syndi Johnson, owner of Forest Creek Kennels.  In the way of background, my husband and I have two children who are 9 and 6 years old.  As a family of four, we had never owned a dog before.  We started researching breeds of dogs and what to look for in a breeder for over a year before we got our cockapoo puppy from Syndi.

Unlike other breeders I spoke with, Syndi was very honest and responsive.  My husband and I communicated extensively with Syndi both via e-mail and by phone.  Syndi is a very caring and responsible breeder.  Her priorities are breeding for sound temperament, which is what my husband and I were most concerned about.  The puppies that Syndi’s dogs have are gorgeous!  When we visited Forest Creek Kennels, Syndi was very welcoming and showed us around the premises.  It was clear that the dogs and puppies that were well taken care of and loved.

Our dog Yatzi is even better than what we had imagined.  We wanted an energetic and playful dog who could keep up with our two active children.  Yatzi is awesome in that she is high energy and extremely playful at the right times.  She is quick to settle down at the appropriate times and has been extremely easy to train.  From the first night Yatzi came home, she has slept through the night.

In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience, I can unreservedly recommend Forest Creek Kennels to anyone who wants an awesome dog in their family.  If you would like further elaboration, feel free to contact me at    (202) 572-8751 or via e-mail at

From: Date: 01/04/06 06:21:00 
Subject: Reference

I recently bought a cockapoo puppy from Cynthia Johnson at Forest Creek Kennels in Waynesboro, VA. From the first time I called with questions, Syndi was welcoming and helpful. At her urging, my family and I visited Forest Creek to see the puppies. We made three visits to Forest Creek and got to see where the puppies are kept and meet the parents of our puppy. All the puppies are kept in the house and surrounded by love, other pets, and family.     When we picked up our puppy to take him home, he had been checked by a veterinarian and given a certificate that he is healthy. Syndi gave us a puppy care pack with directions, puppy food, a blanket (which he loves to be wrapped in when he's going to sleep!) and some toys. She encouraged us to call with any questions and sent a follow-up email asking about the puppy and his adjustment to our home.     I am very pleased with Syndi and our new puppy. We have a healthy, happy little puppy from one of her litters and I will go back again whenever we decide want another puppy for our family. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Jan Jessie, Culpeper, VA   January 4, 2006

From: Date: 11/29/05 14:44:55 
Subject: RE: Reference letter


Darby is doing well.  He is very loved.  Tommy started Kindergarten this year and Darby loves the bus stop.  He is doing well with the "settle" command and sits nicely with his little tail wagging until he sees Tommy get off the bus.  He's a very sweet puppy and waits until I tell him "OK" to run over for hugs from Tommy.  He is a smart and calm dog and we're very happy with him.  We would be happy to be a reference to anyone looking for a cockapoo from you.  I've told lots of people about you so I hope business is going well.          

We still appreciate the attention you gave us by emailing pictures of Darby and letting the kids leave a collar on him until he was ready to come home with us.          

Thanks again for helping us make this wonderful addition to our family.  He is a great pet!      

Kris Rogers

From: G. Jean Moore Date: 7/3/2009 2:13:40 PM
Subject: Reference

My husband and I have a goldendoodle from Syndi which we brought home this past Mother's day. He comes into a home where we have grandchildren of various ages coming and going and where we already have a Bullmastiff and a frequently visiting lab of my sons. We are delighted with our puppy. He is very healthy (our vet said he is one of the healthiest pups he has seen in a long time), very bright and a joy to have around. In addition he is a gorgeous dog and loves everyone. He is training extremely well and we would certainly recommend Syndi as a breeder. She take the time and care to assure a strong, healthy, and good natured dog.

Jean Moore
Waxhaw, NC


Posted by Nancy Sawaya on May 1, 2011 at 4:10 pm April 24, 2011

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Syndi Johnson and Forest Creek Kennels.

I found Forest Creek Kennels when I was researching breeders of goldendoodles. I contacted Syndi and heard back from her promptly. Syndi was very accommodating and answered all our questions. She sent us several pictures of the litter and kept us updated since we were from out of state.

When we arrived at Forest Creek, Syndi was out in the kennels amongst all her pups. Every one of them looked healthy, happy and well cared for. We spent quite some time in the kennels with Syndi, and were able to meet Heidi and Tripp, the parents of our mini-goldendoodle puppy. We could see first hand that all the dogs and puppies were well taken care of, had lots of interaction with Syndi, and that they were loved.

Our “Fiona” is thriving and healthy. She may be little, but she is feisty and full of energy. Our veterinarian and the office staff were immediately smitten with her, and she was found to be in excellent health.

My husband and I are very pleased with our experience with Syndi and Forest Creek Kennels, and have already recommended her to friends, neighbors and strangers who want to know where we got such a sweet and adorable puppy.

Sam and Nancy Sawaya
Durham, North Carolina

Posted by Jen Smethurst on March 26, 2011 at 2:17 pm My husband and I purchased our miniature Goldendoodle puppy from Syndi in February of 2011. Sadie is an energetic, adorable, and friendly puppy. We constantly get comments on how cute she is. She loves to play and loves to be around people. Sadie has a great temperament.

Syndi was wonderful to work with. She was quick to respond to my e-mails and questions and sent new pictures every couple of weeks while we waited to bring Sadie home. Syndi was a great resource, answering our many questions as new puppy owners. Syndi's love for her dogs is obvious both on her website and in person. We visited when Sadie was 5 weeks old and Syndi graciously introduced us not only to Sadie but to her many lovable dogs. Syndi is honest and responsible with her pets and her business, and we would definitely consider her again if we added another pet to our family.

Thank you, Syndi!

Take care,
Jen and John Smethurst

Posted by Dan Vogel on October 21, 2010 at 8:08 pm Today our dog Charlie Brown(2nd generation)cockapoo is turning 1 year's old. Charlie's health guarantee has expired. Charlie didn't need it. Charlie has been VERY healthy since day one.
I first learned about Forest Creek Kennel's online. After Talking to Syndi, I felt comfortable enough to send her a deposit for a dog. Syndi kept our family with updates and photos. Syndi and I had made plans to pick up Charlie on 12/19/2009. Only problem was that was our first winter blizzard, which I did get stuck in. Syndi stayed up and meet me at 12:20am down the street from her home because the snow was too deep for my vehicle to continue. I feel that day Syndi went out of her way, talking to me on the phone(calming me down at times because of the snow) and driving out at midnight in 12+ inches of snow. THANK YOU SYNDI
The following day when I returned home Syndi even called to check that Charlie and I were safe at home. I believe we had 27 inches of snow by the time I made it home.
I don't know who is more excited to see eachother when I get home from work, me or Charlie Brown. Charlie by far is the funniest, loving, smartest and well behaved dog I have ever owned. I will be back in 2011 to buy another dog. But this time not in a snow storm.
Sydni, do you breed poodle mother and spaniard father?
Dan vogel- Posted by Meridith and Joshua on October 14, 2010 at 6:18 pm We recently received our wonderful little English Cream Goldendoodle from Syndi and we are so thrilled! She is absolutely perfect in every way. People are stopping us in the street when we walk her to comment on how beautiful she is and they are always what breed she is. The goldendoodle is a mixture of all of the benefits of both breeds. We have already seen loyalty and love in Koda, from her English Golden Dad, Ranger, as well as smarts from her poodle momma. Syndi was helpful from the beginning when we inquired about the puppies months before they were born. The entire process of receiving pictures and updates was fun and exciting. It is wonderful knowing that our puppy came from a good environment and from parents that were well loved! Thank you Syndi! Posted by Meridith and Joshua Ranck, PA on October 11, 2010at 6:52 pm We recently purchased one of Syndi's F1 English Goldendoodles, and I must say that she is the most beautiful little girl! From her gorgeous looks, to her sweet little personality, she exceeds all of our expectations! She is perfect in every way. Healthy, intelligent, and easy to train! Syndi has graciously answered all of our questions from the beginning months before Koda's birth. When we went to pick Koda up, we were pleased to see how happy all of the dogs were, playing and enjoying the grounds. It has been wonderful knowing that she was in good hands over the first few weeks of her life, and that her Momma and Daddy are well loved! Few breeders raise gorgeous English goldendoodles. We are SO thankful that we found Koda through Forest Creek Kennels and will recommend them to everyone that we know! Posted by Marcy Lindenmuth on August 24, 2010 at 8:56 am After months of research and searching for the perfect breed, I found Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel while searching for breeders of Cockapoos in Virginia. From the first email, Syndi was super helpful and knowledgeable about the breed. She kept me updated with emails and photos when the puppies were born and we visited the puppies at 5 weeks old and again at 7 weeks old before picking our male pup. Syndi was very patient with me as a first time puppy Mommy. She answered all my questions and helped us decide which puppy would be the best fit for our active family. "Squire", our male,solid black cockapoo has been home with us for a little over a week now and is doing great. He loves to play and be near us. He is doing very well with his potty training, and he has been sleeping through the night in his crate since the 3rd night home. He is a very healthy and smart puppy. He is already starting to obey the "sit" and "down" commands-with a treat, of course. I am so grateful we found Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel.

Posted by Fe Patriciu on August 18, 2010 at 3:01 pm Hi Syndi,

I wanted to let you know that our chocolate Cockapoo, Tootsie, is such a delightful puppy. She had her first vet appointment yesterday at Hunter Mill Animal Hospital here in Oakton, Virginia and the veterinarian commented on how healthy and well-mannered she is at just 8-weeks. Today, I took her to work with me for a few hours and she behaved so well and just won everyone over at my school...I think we may have a new mascot. She is also a champ with the crate training...she loves her little den. She is also impressing us with her quick housebreaking. She has only had two accidents. Otherwise, she let's us know when she has to go and gets right down to business when we take her out. I've attached some photos of little Tootsie and will continue to send them along so you can see her growing.

Thank you for gifting our lives with this beautiful little dog. She is such a wonderful part of our family and has adjusted to the Patriciu household so effortlessly. Thank you for the care and love that you dedicate to your dogs. It really shows from Tootsie's great health, intelligence, and personality that you are truly a remarkable breeder. I have already started to recommend you to all of my co-workers and friends in Northern Virginia and DC considering a Cockapoo or Goldendoodle and will continue to do so.

God bless,
Fe & Nick

Posted by Dana Harrison on July 27, 2010 at 10:11 am

My referral:

Our encounter with Syndi Johnson went very smooth. She sent us pictures of the puppy prior to our purchase and everything was handled very professionally. We would definitely use her services again.

Dana Harrison

Richmond VA

Posted by Judy Cullnan on July 4, 2010 at 9:38 pm Hello,

Posted by Tammy Jeffries on April 14, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Hi Syndi,
Wanted to send you this reference letter. I can't believe that Bailey is going to be 13 weeks old tomorrow. She is doing great. She just graduated puppy kindergarden yesterday. I have attached some pictures of her.

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Syndi Johnson and Forest Creek Kennel

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Syndi Johnson. We got Bailey our cockapoo puppy from Syndi in February 2010. My search for the "perfect puppy" began last summer. In my research I found Syndi on the internet. I felt drawn to her because I could tell there was something special about her. Syndi is a Christian and gives God all the glory for her dogs and her kennel. Being a woman of God myself I knew that I wanted to find out more about her.
We live over six hours away from Waynesboro VA however we were fortunate enough to be traveling to Florida for a family vacation. I asked Syndi if she would mind us stopping by just to meet her and visit her dogs. She was very accomodating and made special arrangements in her schedule to meet us at the time that we would be stopping through. She allowed us to meet all of her parent dogs and to see the puppies that were available at the time. 
As time went on and I continued my research (I wanted to wait until closer to spring to bring a new puppy home), I was able to get in contact with another past customer who also gave Syndi an outstanding reference. This family is still very pleased with their decision to choose Syndi as their breeder. This further confirmed my choice to choose Syndi. 
When the time came for us to choose our puppy Syndi was awesome in assisting us with the match. Because of the distance we could not visit the litter to choose our puppy in person, however I explained to her the puppy that I had in mind based on sex, size, color, temperment. When we arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised. The puppy was even more beautiful than what I was expecting. Everything about her was perfect and her color beautiful. Everything was ready for us. The puppy had been vet checked, wormed, and given her first shots. There were no unexpected surprises.
Bailey is very healthy and smart. She just finished puppy kindergarden and knows several commands including sit, down, and come. She is very attentive for being just thirteen weeks old. She loves to be around all people including women, men, and children. She likes being around cats and other dogs as well. She sleeps all night in her crate and toilet training is coming along (we have an active household and sometimes she slips away to another location and has an accident but I take the blame for that).
In closing, I am very pleased that I chose Forest Creek Kennels to get our puppy. I would recommend Syndi and would choose her again in the future. Feel free to e-mail me if you have additional questions.
Sincerely and God Bless,
Tammy Jeffries

Posted by Kathy Fulton on February 14, 2010 at 6:15 pm

We are delighted to provide this reference for your website. Please do not include my e mail address, but I would be happy to speak with
someone whom you direct to us. Perhaps you can just paste this for your website.

We are the very happy owners of "Max", a male cockapoo puppy, who just turned five months. We first met Max when he was just six weeks old,
and it was love at first sight. It was instantly obvious that he had a wonderful disposition, and it was clear that Syndi had given him
excellent care. Syndi also gave us great insights on the breed and guidance on how to care for him. Max was also in excellent health, since Syndi had arranged for his initial vet visits/treatments, Over the past three months, Max has become a beloved member of our family. He crate trained very quickly, and his other training is progressing well. He is very bright, and his affectionate disposition continues to be his best trait. He loves to play with our 9 year old twins, and he is very patient with them and other children. We are very grateful to Syndi for introducing us to Max, and we look forward
to many happy years with Max.

Posted by Nancy Arnone on January 20, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Jan 20, 2010
We got the most adorable, calm and sweet puppy from Syndi Johnson at Forest Creek Kennels! Syndi was everything she advertised. All the dogs at her kennel have calm dispositions and my puppy was no exception. She is healthy and has adapted to her new environment perfectly. What impressed me the most about Syndi's kennel is that the dogs are clearly well taken care of...clean, fed, healthy/immunized. There are not surprises either! Syndi is honest and delivered on everything she promised. She helped me select the puppy that would adapt to our lifestyle the best and she assured my deposit order in the litter was honored...keeping my puppy for me when others wanted her. I would get another puppy from Forest Creek Kennels in a heart-beat!!! I couldn't be happier!

Posted by Beth Bush on January 19, 2010 at 5:10 pm

We are so happy with our new puppy, Tucker. And, Syndi and her family are loving, dedicated breeders. It is obvious how much Syndi loves her dogs and her work. And all of the dogs love her.
We highly recommend Forest Creek Kennels!

Posted by Patti & Shaun on January 10, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Syndi was so great to work with, and our new mini goldendoodle, Brewer, is very sweet and a wonderful addition to our lives. We visited Forest Creek Kennels several times before bringing Brewer home, and it was evident that Syndi cares very much for each and every one of her dogs. Thanks to her handling of them from a young age, they are all very social and well-mannered, which is important because Brewer is so cute that everyone in our neighborhood who sees him can't help petting him! Syndi answered all our questions about Brewer and sent us home with some toys, food, and medical records for him. He is very smart and adapted to our home well. I would definitely recommend getting a new pet from Forest Creek Kennels, and actually I already have to several people in my neighborhood who have asked about Brewer!

Posted by Ann & Bob on December 21, 2009 at 6:21 pm
RE: Letter of Recommendation for Syndi & Forest Creek Kennel 

We are an old, empty nest style couple that is slowly recovering from a long debilitating battle with Cancer. We wanted a little bundle of joy that would not strain our limited physical strength, but would bring a sense of new energy, life and hope into our home. Syndi listened intently to our descriptions of what we were looking for, and she recommended a little Cockapoo pup - that we named Lola. Lola easily lives up to our hopes every day and has brought new life, love and happiness into our home. Whatever Lola wants Lola gets is our new mantra - as well as a nice song from the good old days.

When Lola was weaned, Syndi allowed us to take her home with us, and Lola has been everything Syndi told us she would be. Lola is so calm and adaptive. She apparently recognized that she needed to deal with the potential trauma of the long, noisy drive in our truck back to our home. Lola ignored everything and slept most of the way during her long trip to her new home from her first home at Forest Creek Kennel. The hundreds of miles of the long journey home were interrupted by rest stops as needed to allow Lola frequent opportunities for leg stretching and potty breaks. At less than 1-pound body weight, Lola was initially a challenge to keep safely in her tiny harness, but within a week she has grown to a healthy 2-½ pounds, with every indication that her healthy appetite will support her continued growth. Her first visit to the Veterinarian was a breeze as Lola is happy and healthy – just as Syndi promised. 
Lola is very adept at knowing when we have enough energy to play, and she happily jumps right in to play. She is equally adept at knowing when snuggling, sleeping or quietly watching TV is what we need, and she happily settles into that mode as needed.
We are very happy with Lola, and with Syndi’s selection and care recommendations. We heartily endorse and recommend Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel. 
Ann & Bob Miller
(703) 354-1884

Posted by Amber Caskin on December 18, 2009 at 4:30 pm

We couldn't be happier with our two goldendoodle puppies from Forest Creek Kennels! The vet says they are in "perfect health" and they are the cutest puppies in the world! Every week we take Sookie and Murray to a puppy party and all the other owners completely gush over them. They are super smart and are already house-trained at 13 weeks! 
Syndi is a wonderful breeder and it's great to visit Forest Creek and see how much she loves all of her dogs. We highly recommend her as a breeder.

Posted by Jackie Labus on November 21, 2009 at 7:32 am

Thank you, Syndi, for everything. Dollie Madison, our medium goldendoodle, is such a joy! She is a GREAT dog! She is just as you described- laid back, but playful. She is super with the kids. You are such a nice person and on every visit that I made to Forest Creek kennels, it was obvious that your dogs adore you. I've always believed that someone is a good person if a dog truly loves them. Usually, dogs are the best judges of character. Thank you for being responsive to all my emails and for being so flexible in your schedule to allow me and my family to visit the kennel on numerous occasions. If it is okay with you, I will sing you and your dogs' praises to everyone who is interested and I will definitely recommend not only this breed, but Forest Creek Kennels.

Posted by Eva Lewis on November 3, 2009 at 5:35 pm

I cant give Syndi enough praise and thanks for the little angel she has brought to my family. I recently picked up my male Goldendoodle and he is such a sweetheart, I dont know how I ever lived without him. Syndi is there for any question I had or will have. I look forward to sending her updates on my little Milo and possibly getting another Goldendoodle to add to my family one day. I absolutly without reservation recommend Forest Creek Kennels for your puppy needs. You couldnt find a more well adjusted & sweet natured puppy than the ones that Syndi raises.

Posted by Anita Crawley on October 30, 2009 at 10:49 am

I am happy to recommend Syndi as a breeder. I had a good sense about her when I spoke to her on the phone, but when I looked in her eyes as I took Jamaya, our goldendoodle, to the car, I knew how much she cares about the dogs she breeds. 

As someone who became a first time pet person very late in life, Syndi was very patient in answering my questions. 

Anita Crawley

Posted by Kathleen Gillespie on August 22, 2009 at 11:03 am

I adopted Sadie, my mini goldendoodle from Syndi in May, 2009. She is now 5 months old and an incredible dog -- beautiful, funny, and very smart. She was totally house trained at 4 months with absolutely no accidents since. Sadie learned the boundaries of her electric fence the day it was installed. The trainer called her a genius and asked could she have her if I died (yes, I do pay her). I don't know how I lived without Sadie and thank Syndi so much for letting me have her.

Posted by Jan Jessie on August 6, 2009 at 8:50 am

I wanted to write a letter of recommendation for Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel. We got our cockapoo puppy, Colby, there three years ago and he is a joy: healthy, loving, and smart. We went back last summer to get one of Syndi's goldendoodles so Colby would have some company. Again, we are blessed with a healthy, intelligent, loving, playful companion. Syndi is always willing to open her kennel to visitors and makes suggestions based on what the family's needs and wants are. she let us visit several times and all the dogs were so well-behaved and friendly. When we decide to add to our family again, we will definitely go to Syndi and Forest Creek Kennel.

Posted by Heidi Gibson on August 3, 2009 at 2:09 pm

As a first-time puppy buyer, I must say I have been very pleased with my new puppy, Lilly! Born 7/2/09, she is still very young, however learning very quickly! I have had the dog for approximately 10 days now, and as of last night, she is no longer “pottying” in her crate and sleeping through the night! She is quite the little cuddler, however has her independent/fearless moments that prove over and over again how smart she really is. Lilly is not even 9 weeks old yet, and is already going up and down stairs! Aside from the “puppy” personality, I was very impressed with Syndi’s ability to hand-pick which of the pups most resembles that of the owner/the owner’s likes/dislikes. I specifically mentioned to Syndi that I was looking for a larger-headed female golden doodle that resembles more a golden as opposed to poodle… that is exactly what I got! Upon my visit, Syndi picked Lilly up out of the litter, handed her to me, and said, “I think this is your puppy.” I was sold, and thank my lucky stars Syndi was there to guide me in making the right decision about which of the little rascals was my future best friend. Thank you Syndi for being so in-tune with our wants/needs and for patiently providing answers to our many questions! If you are looking for a healthy puppy, which loves to be loved and learns quickly, then you have come to the right place.

Posted by Sandy Rowicki on August 2, 2009 at 8:26 pm

We got a goldendoodle from Syndi just a few week ago. We are so happy with our puppy and the Vet said he was a very healthy pup. I found Syndi's website and called right away. I was impressed with how she took the time to talk with me about my puppy search, concerns, questions, etc. She allowed us to visit as often as we wanted, and we did! You could tell all her dogs were well taken care of and happy. We got to know quite a few of them my name and missed visiting after we took our pup home. I did a lot of research about choosing breeders and Syndi definitely was the best. When people comment on our dog, I tell them to take a look at her website, especially if they are looking for a good dog of their own. Syndi has even followed up and kept in touch since buying our puppy. She doesn't just 'sell dogs', she considers them her 'family', and is interested in how they are doing.

Posted by John & Judy Bishop on July 31, 2009 at 1:30 pm

We are very happy with out Goldendoole from Syndi's Forest Creek Kennels. We got our first male dog and I am having trouble calling it (Her) whenever I am talking about Rowdy.. Yes, we called our new dog "Rowdy" and he is living up to his name at eight weeks. The visit to the vet went real well with Rowdy getting a good complete check-up and one of his required shops. Dr. Brown said he was in very good over all health. We are presently potty training Rowdy and that's going fair at this point. Sometimes I think he is training us more than we are training him.. Syndi was very helpful and we could tell she loved all the dog's she has at her Kennel. Rowdy's is going to make a great "Buddy" for Judy and me..

Posted by Lee Brosius on July 20, 2009 at 4:14 pm

My daughters and I got two cockapoo puppies from Forest Creek Kennels last year (same litter). They are the most gentle, loving, playful girls, and a wonderful addition to our family. It is obvious Syndi takes good care of her animals, and breeds for temperment. We couldn't be happier with our choice of breeder or furbabies.

Posted by Thomas Johnston on July 10, 2009 at 9:26 pm

From: Thomas Johnston
Date: 07/09/09 19:36:10
To: Syndi


My wife and I purchased a golden doodle last year. He was born on October 9th and we drove to Virginia from North Carolina to pick him up on Thanksgiving Day. His name is Dudley. He is very smart and loving. He loves strangers, others dogs, children and swimming. He needs lots of attention and exercise. He is like a little kid and gets into trouble sometimes, but we love him so much it doesn't matter. He starts kindergarten this year at PetSmart.

Forrest Creek Kennel was a pleasure to deal with from the beginning to the end. Syndi is a fine Christian country gal who loves what she does. Her kennel is clean and she loves each and every animal. All veterinarian papers were complete and in order. All our questions and emails were answered and Syndi continued to check on Dudley even after we brought him home. Syndi's pups are healthy and she stands behind them with her warranty. Her pups are affordable for everyone. We highly recommend Forrest Creek Kennels and we are sure your experience with them will be a great one, too.

In God We Trust,
Tom and Shirley Johnston

Emerald Isle, NC

Posted by Leslie Sheppard on June 26, 2009 at 9:23 am

Syndi Johnson, the owner of Forest Creek Kennels, is a great person to work with when making the step to owning a dog. I found Forest Creek Kennels via google searching. I knew that I wanted a cockapoo and after searching through various sites, I found Forest Creek Kennels and Syndi Johnson. During the time I was making the decision to purchase a puppy and become a dog owner, the Forest Creek Kennels website was a big help. The site has all the information on the responsibilities of being a dog owner and the personalities of a cockapoo and other puppies. I made the decision and called Syndi. Syndi was always available via phone and e-mail to answer my questions and walk me through the process.
Right after a litter of cockapoos was born, Syndi e-mailed me pictures of the four in the litter and I was able to choose the puppy I wanted. During the 7 weeks until I was able to come get my puppy, she sent me pictures. This really meant a lot to me because I wanted to see her as she grew. When I finally came to pick up my puppy, Syndi was there waiting with a puppy pack that included toys, a blanket, food, and her shot records. She explained to me the shot records and the contract that insured the puppy’s health and then gave her a bath. I was very thrilled with the entire process. When I visited my vet two days after I picked up my puppy, my vet was impressed with how she had gotten her first shots and de-worming and told me to come back in a week to continue the shots.
Overall, Forest Creek Kennels is a place I would recommend to anyone considering a puppy. The prices of the dogs are very reasonable considering other kennels’ prices selling the same type of dogs. All of the dogs at the kennel were very friendly when we visited and I have no doubt that Layla, my puppy, will grow up to be a happy, healthy, and friendly dog. Syndi is a sweet lady who puts her dogs’ health first and works to breed puppies to be a great part of a family.

Posted by Tara Burns, Yonkers NY on June 22, 2009 at 9:55 am

I am very happy with my decision to go with Syndi and Forest Creek Kennels! I researched breeders for awhile when i came upon Syndi's site. I emailed her with a few questions and she got back to me very quickly and answered all my questions. I live about a 7 hour drive from Forest Creek so i was not able to go to the kennel and see the puppies, but i was so confident with Syndu, she was so helpful making sure she sent me updates on the puppies, and weekly pictures.
Syndi arranged for delivery of Harry. We met them about an hour drives from our house.

Harry has turned out to be a terrific puppy! he is so loving, great with people, and children.

I am already thinking about the possibilities of adding a 2nd dog to our family in the near future :-)

Posted by Jeremy & Tritia Jones on June 21, 2009 at 7:25 pm

We Love our cockapoo Tiny! She is the perfect fit for our family. Our visit to Forest Creek Kennel was a trip that was worth taking. All of the dogs were friendly & well behaved. Syndi was very friendly and showed us around we felt like apart of the family. If anyone is looking for a family pet this is the Perfect place to be. Thank you for a little ball of joy.

Posted by Andrew Koss on June 20, 2009 at 6:08 pm


We couldn't be happier with "Tripp" as he is enriching our lives every single day. We are amazed at his ability to learn and be superb around people...we can only attribute this to his pedigree and the breeder.

Thank you so much for making our experience of our first puppy a wonderful one, and thank you again for all your advice!

I am sure that our next puppy will be coming from you and we look forward to that in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Koss & Lindsey Bonasera

Posted by Karen Moore on June 20, 2009 at 9:08 am

Every Visit to Forest Creek Kennels has been a time to remember for me. We got our beautiful Standard Poodle from Syndi almost 2 years ago. She has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Syndi interacts with all of her dogs in a way that just naturally makes the dogs and the future owners of the puppies happy. 
She explains things so completely and is always anxious to hear how her puppies are doing in their new homes. I was so pleased that we chose Forest Creek Kennel for the addition to our family. She is a responsible and loving breeder.