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Planned Litters

Here you will fine my planned litters. This is a "best guess"

to when I think they might have puppies. 

I only take deposits on litters,  when I know one of my girl is pregnant. 

Peyton/Finn f1b micro mini goldenoodles due mid Dec 2018. 

Riley/Teddy f2b mini/petit goldendoodles. Due Mid December 2018

Willow/Mator English F1 goldendoodles $1550 due mid December 2018

Jewels/Mator mini petit F1B goldendoodles due December 2018

Hannah/Mellow F2B mini/petit goldendoodle early 2019 

Parker/Finn or Finn F1b micro mini goldendoodles. spring 2019

Sue/Mator or Toby micro F1 Doodles

Miracle/Murphy F1 mini Goldendoodles

There are NO breeding rights to anyone for any reason! 

So please don't ask, and go somewhere else!

There are many other breeders who will sell you a puppy

with breeding rights for more money.

Here no one leaves without signing a spay/neuter contract!