Forest Creek Kennel

Home of the Spoiled Rotten Brat Babies!

60 Forest Creek Lane, Waynesboro, VA 22980

Planned Litters

Here you will see what litters I have planned to the year.

All these litters are planned but only if it is God's will!

2017 Litters

FALL 2017

Onyx/Solo petit/mini doodles $1750

Willow/Mator f1 English mini goldendoodles 

Skylar/Mator F1 mini goldendoodles

Winter 2017/2018

Daisy/Murphy f1 mini English goldendoodles $1550

Ruby/Oliver mini goldendoodles red $1750

Spring 2018

Miracle/Murphy red mini goldendoodles $1750

Madison/Toby petit f1b goldendoodles $1750

Shaggy/Solo petit/mini f1b goldendoodles $1750

Hannah/Mator petit/mini f1b goldendoodles $1750

Coolwhip/Finn petit f1b goldendoodles $1750


Mini goldendoodles/doodles 35 and up $1550

Mini/petit goldendoodle/doodle under 30 lbs $1750

Mini English goldendoodles $1550-$1750

Red Goldendoodle/doodles any size $1750

Miniature Retriever $1250 when I have them.

There are NO breeding rights to anyone for any reason! 

So please don't ask, and go some where else!

There are many other breeders who will sell you a puppy

with breeding rights for more money.

Here no one leaves with out signing a spay/neuter contract!