Forest Creek Kennel

Home of the Spoiled Rotten Brat Babies!

60 Forest Creek Lane, Waynesboro, VA 22980


Meet the Gentlemen of Forest Creek Kennels!



This is the famous Mator, he is a  CKC Moyen poodle. He produces the most calm laid back puppies I have ever met. People are always amazed at his puppies. The ladies love him as he is very affectionate. He is 19 lbs and 16 in tall. His puppies range in many different sizes. He produces some of the most laid back calm mini goldendoodles I have ever met. Everyone that purchases one of his puppies are amazed!


This little wonder boy is Solo. He is a CKC reg blue merle poodle. I use him for both cockapoos and mini goldendoodles. He weighs 17 lbs and is 13 in tall. He is very loving and sweet.


 Below is the amazing Romeo! He is a Miniature Retriever. He has a wonderful calm personality.   He weighs about 45lbs. He is a cream color.  He will throw many different colors because of his back ground. His most favorite thing in the world is water! 

  Romeo is the sweetest most gentle boy. Love this dog! Pictured from puppy to full grown adult.


 This is Murphy he is a Moyen Poodle. He is the son of Mator. He is just as calm as his dad. Very gentle and lovable.  

Above is my sweet lovable boy Teddy. He is a F1b goldendoodle. He is out of Heidi/Solo and Mator is his grand sire.

He only weigh 23lbs and loves everyone he meets.

 This handsome boy is Finn. He is very sweet and loving. Finn is a miniature poodle. He is very sweet and calm. 

This good looking boy is Oliver. He is a small red golden retriever.

He weighs about 45 lbs. He is brother to Miracle and Skylar.

He is kept in a gardian home and use as needed in my breeding program. 

 He is supper sweet and calm. 

Meet the Ladies of Forest Creek Kennels!


Above we have Willow,  one of my English Golden Retriever. She is very small only weighing 40 lbs. She is very calm and relaxed.  


Above is Daisy all grown up. She is a English Golden Retriever as well. She is haft sisters to Willow. Both are such sweet calm lovable babies. I can't wait to see what wonderful puppies we have in the future with these girls. Daisy weighs 47 lbs.


  Onyx trying to see the puppies.

This is Onyx. She is a Sport Retriever. She is amazing and sweet, and very gentle. Her puppies stay fairly small and have been very loving and gentle as well.




Above is my sweet Riley. I love this girl as all my dogs but this one is so gentle and calm she sells my mini doodle puppies just by people meeting her.

   She loves everyone and is happiest when with me at all times. 



 Here is Bubbles, a f1 mini goldendoodle

 Bubbles is a little shy at first, but after she knows you, you are her best friend.

 This is Blossom, she is a miniature poodle. She is a tri-color. Blossom has the over whelming calm of her dad Mator.


This sweet girl is Coolwhip. She is a tiny little thing. Only weighing 22 lbs. 

She is a little love bug. And loves to talk to you. 



Below are Skylar and Miracle. They are sisters. They are small GR, Very sweet and gentle natured. 




Below are my up and coming girls. 


 This little red fireball is Scarlet. She is a standard poodle


Loving and playful. Scarlett is a big baby and thinks she is still a puppy.

  Hannah and Madison

 Hannah and Shaggy

 This mop is Hannah

                                                        Hannah Shaggy

   This sweet looking face is Peyton. She is very verble and will

carry on a conversation with you. This is Parker, Peyton's sister. She is a lot more quiet, and independent.

Both girls are petit size and will have beautiful petit goldendoodles.

This sweet guy is Mellow. This is his name because he is very relaxed calm and mellow.


 This sweet girl is Suzie short for Tsunami

she is a 50/50 golden/cavalier. I am hoping this will be a new beginning for my puppies.

For more red and also smaller size. She is very calm and quiet. 

 Don't let these sweet faces fool you.

These two are siblings. Gidget and Toby. They are both very loving and goofy.

I'm hoping to use Toby with my petit goldendoodles. Red hopefully. 

Yes that is both of them all cuddled up in my pillows on my bed.

  This little fellow has just joined us

Hoping he brings red to my mini/petit doodles. I haven't named him yet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all my babies. They are all spoiled and loved!

I'm still up dating my new web site so if you don't see the parent you are looking for. They will soon be here.