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Meet The ladies

This is Daisy. She is a English Golden Retriever. She has a amazing personality. She is 45 lbs and claer OFA hips, elbows, and heart.

Here is Willow. She is a English Golden Retriever. Daisy and Willow are sisters just 1 year apart. The girls look like twins. But when you with them you can see the difference. She weighs 42 lbs and has all clear OFa test as well.

This is Miracle. She is a small Red golden Retriever. She is quiet and calm. She weighs 45 lbs and has claer health test.

This is Skylar. She is a small Golden Retriever. She is sister to Miracle. She has a fun silly personality. But very sweet and loving. She has pasted all her clearances as well.

This is Bubbles. She is an F1 mini goldendoodle. She is a little shy at first, but a great mom. She weighs 25 lbs,

This is Riley. She is amazing. Loves everyone and knows no stranger. Riley is a Mini Doodle. Her mom is a GCR and dad is a poodle.

This is Parker. She is a mini Doodle. She weighs 20 lbs. She is as sweet and she looks. SHe has cleared her hips, elbows and heart.

So this is Payton. She is Parkers sister. These are my twins. She is a little smaller then her sister. She weighs 18 lbs. She is loving and silly both at the same time.

This is Hannah. She is a F1 mini goldendoodle. She weighs under 30 lbs. She is calm and sweet.


Coolwhip 1

This is Coolwhip. She is a Petit Doodle. She weighs 20 lbs, and is a happy go lucky little girl. 

Here we have Shaggy. She is a Mini goldendoodle. She is active but very sweet. She loves belly rubs. She weighs under 25 lbs.

This is Madison, she is sister to Shaggy. She is a micro/mini Goldendoodle. She weighs 16 lbs. She has a very silly personality.

This is Blossom. She is a miniature poodle. 

This sweet little girl is Tsunami, Sue for short. SHe is as sweet as they come. Tiny little thing only 19 lbs. She is one of my GCR girls. Or a miniature Retriever

This is Onyx. She is a GCR or miniature retriever. She is very loving and calm.