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Guardian  home

We now offer a program to qualified and approved homes only. These homes must be within two hours driving radius of our home, zip-code 22980.

What is a Guardian home

We do not believe that puppies or dogs are best served by being raised in a Kennel .By placing them in a guardian home environment that will be their forever home from the time they are puppies, or by placing young adult dogs, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and the best start in life. We never have to kennel a dog when a guardian home is found and utilized.

A guardian home is a local family with in 2 hours driving distance who is a forever home for one of our dogs in our breeding program. Guardian homes allow our breeding dogs to live with the families and not in a kennel as our breeding program continues to grow. Our breeding program is designed around our ability to utilize Guardian Homes for our breeding dogs. 

This is a great opportunity for a person or family to enjoy a "pick of the litter" puppy/dog that is considered for breeding by the breeder. These dogs are usually the best of the best. A great dog at a great price (usually FREE.). Often there is a deposit to ensure commitment by the GH and then reimbursed over time of the breeding career. The puppy/dog remains the property of the breeder until the end of the breeding career and then the Guardian Home's forever after. Typically by the age of 6 years, the dog the dog then becomes part of the forever home. Age does vary depending on the dog.

It does take a commitment and a willingness to be flexible for the needs of the breeder, but I believe it is well worth it to receive what is typically a "cream of the crop" puppy or dog. Of ourse, there are requirements st forth in a contract that must be followed for obvious reasond. The value of one of these dogs can be up t0 $20,000. Hence, the need for the breeder to find the right homes is very important.